Please Note: Current inventory levels cannot be displayed live on the web store. If there is an item(s) from your order that is out of stock or no longer available, our customer service team will notify you as soon as we are aware with next steps and options for moving forward. Thank you!


NO RETURNS AFTER 30 DAYS: If you have had it this long and haven't tried it on or looked it over, then we are sorry you are stuck with it.

NO RETURNS IF ITEM HAS BEEN WASHED: If it has been washed, then it has been worn.  If it has been worn, then there was nothing wrong with it when you wore it.

NO RETURNS IF ITEM IS PERSONALIZED: If it has your name on it, then it is yours.

Shipping charges for products returned: All shipping charges for returning products to us must be paid by the returnee. We do not reimburse shipping charges.

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